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Use Beard Supplements to Grow a Better Beard

To grow a better beard, you might find that you need a little help from a beard supplement. While many men can naturally grow a thick and full beard, not all of us have healthy, full, handsome facial hair on our own. Fortunately, growing a better beard is a simple task thanks to the use of beard supplements such as those from Legendary Beard Co. Vitamins and special oils included in such supplements can boost follicle activity on the skin’s surface, leading to thicker and better facial hair.

Ingredients in Beard Supplements

Most beard supplements use garcinia, coleus forskohlii, wheat germ, green coffee bean extract, horsetail, and a number of vitamins. Finding a beard supplement with vitamins A, C, E, and B complex can help to boost hair growth, as these vitamins are essential to thick facial hair and follicle activity. In addition, looking for beard supplements with Moroccan oil, argan oil, and other special oils will help keep your skin’s surface moist and healthy to let hair grow thicker and fuller. The key for most beard supplement ingredient blends is boosting fiber uptake, hair health, growth, and other key aspects of thick facial hair growth.

Beard Growth Cell Stimulation

Beard supplements such as those from Better Beard Club are important in helping follicles nourish and regenerate, which results in a thicker and fuller beard. Formulas are often stimulating to the surface of the beard. They are mild and gentle, helping to increase growth of facial hair quickly and easily. To stimulate the growth of beard cells, simply apply gently after a face wash and let the formula set in.

How Beard Supplements Work

Most beard growth supplements come in the form of oils or capsules. They include special vitamins and growth stimulant ingredients such as argan oils, vitamin complexes, and key ingredients like coleus forskohlii. Each ingredient helps to boost cell growth and follicle health, leading to a thicker and fuller beard. In addition, supplements can help to boost thin areas and keep your beard able to maintain a thick, natural quality and color.

Follicle Growth Activity

Most beard supplements help to boost vitality, fitness, and health of your cells, keeping follicles strong. As we age, the beard itself is unable to grow in as well as when younger. This is partly due to genetics, and partly due to a decrease in hormonal activity from aging. However, beard supplements can reverse this process, letting your beard grow in healthy and strong regardless of age.

Health and Wellness of Hair Cells

While many follicles may be unable to grow in on their own, the health and wellness of your hair follicles can be improved using a beard supplement. By boosting mineral and vitamin intake, you’ll be able to quickly increase hair growth and keep your beard full and healthy at all times. In addition, many beard supplements boost regeneration of testosterone levels, keeping your hormones strong and healthy — and allowing your facial hair to continue to grow in strong for many years.

Feedback from Beard Supplement Users

Many men who use beard supplements find that their beards are better able to grow in thick and full using a growth formula. One user found that his beard had been thinning out and not growing in like it once did when he was younger. As he aged, he felt more depressed and old as he looked in the mirror and saw his beard thinning out. After trying a beard supplement, he saw that his former level of facial hair growth was restored — and so too was his confidence and self-esteem. Another user, who was having problems growing a beard at all, found that a supplement formula gave him the extra boost he needed. Now he recommends beard supplements to all his friends who are trying to grow in thicker facial hair, especially supplements that are healthy and natural in composition.


To grow a better beard with a beard supplement, simply find a formula that suits you in terms of cost, ingredients, and overall results. It’s best to make sure the supplement you choose is rated highly by users and convenient to apply — as well as pleasant in terms of scent. Some formulas come in a liquid or oil-based form, while others may be taken orally as capsules. Whichever supplement you choose, try to track your results over time to determine how your hair growth on your facial area is progressing.